Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is and where is it from ?

A. Click / Press About Us and Contact Us

Q. What items does sells ?

A. – Cloth Organizers including Saree, Blouse, Lehenga, Petticoat, Shirt, Trousers, Blanket Covers etc.

Jewellery Bags and Boxes to keep Rings Earrings Necklace Bangles Watches etc

– Various Storage Organizers like Wall Hanging Kits, Shoe Pouches, Travel Bags, Underbeds etc.

– Hundreds of Unique Utility Kits like Purse Organizers, Vegetable Bags, Collapsible Organizers etc.

Q. Where do I find all the products on ?

A. Click / Press the link – Shop


On the landing page, you can find ‘Menu’ at the top right side. Press that option, and a drop drown menu will appear. You will find the first option as ‘Shop’. If you are using mobile phone, press on the ‘Shop’ text, results opening of an all items page. You can apply different filters by pressing ‘Default sorting’ dropdown menu.

If you want to check different catagories then press ▼ sign appering at the right side of Menu option, resulting opening of sub catagories menu.